40 Business Ideas To Take Your Life From Boring To Booming

40 Business Ideas To Take Your Life From Boring To Booming

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So you’ve decided to start a business of your very own. 

Well, you’ve made a great choice!

While I know the task can seem daunting at first, the payoff can be well worth the time, effort, and risk involved in becoming a new business owner.

As always I am here doing what I can to motivate and cultivate creativity.

There are literally hundreds, thousands of ideas out there that can yield profitable and fulfilling small businesses, and if you’re looking for a more detailed analysis on how to start a business online, feel free to check out my article on how to start an online business.

It’s just up to you to carve out your niche and apply the necessary time and skills to make your business pop.

Gathered here are a number of small business ideas.

Some of these side business ideas can supplement your income while you work full-time; Others can be scaled into lasting and extremely profitable full-time gigs themselves.

Depends on what you’re looking for.

You’ll find here home business opportunities, online business ideas, and even some ideas for starting businesses that extend past your home.

Section I – Mixed Online & In-Person Business Ideas, For Anyone

This first section is my favorite. It includes business ideas that require little more than the drive to succeed, an internet connection or certain assets, and a significant supply of coffee (I swear Keurig should sponsor me at this point).

1. Starting a blog

Not only is this possibly the best business to start with little money, but it may also be the best business to start on this list, period.

This online business checks all the proverbial boxes. 

Reasonably cheap to begin without sacrificing quality, a blog allows the average person to build from scratch relatively easily. 

Got something you’re passionate about? Talk about it. This extremely flexible medium lets you reach out to like-minded people and deliver relevant and helpful information to your consumer base.

While developing and growing a blog will require time and creativity, a successful blog can bring in amounts of money that sound absurd to most of us.

Ya know…if you’re into that kind of thing…

I have personally seen blogs grow from small start-ups to hugely popular and profitable full-time businesses generating upwards of $70,000-$80,000 per month.

And they did that in just a few years.

Where were you at in your life, let’s say, three years ago?

It always seems like a big investment to work on something for 2-3 years with minimal returns. But, just think about how fast the last three years has flown by.

Blogging can be a great business to get into if you give it a real shot and treat it like a business from day one.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

Who doesn’t love YouTube?

Not rhetorical, I actually have an answer.

Polls show that worldwide only 29% percent of people don’t at some time use YouTube.

Factor in that there are somewhere around 7.6 billion people milling around the planet, and that means that over 5 billion people use YouTube.

business ideas start a youtube channel

That’s a lot of people you can reach on a single platform.

Keeping those numbers in mind it’s no surprise that many people on the platform, probably including some of your favorite content creators, rake in over a million dollars a year.

Of course, you can’t expect to do this overnight, but with a strategic mind there is no reason to believe you can’t make excessively more than you could reasonably make working that 9-5.

You’re going to need some equipment. Go ahead and shell out for professional grade video and audio equipment, or have it firmly in mind to upgrade as soon as possible. 

The internet is unforgiving (just check some YouTube comments if you don’t believe me). Low video or audio quality can make progress extremely difficult.

Maybe you have some skills in animation or editing. This will come in handy as you want the cleanest, crispest videos you can muster.

What your channel is can vary widely, but you don’t want to meander too much from your niche.

Keeping all that in mind, a YouTube channel is a go-to for many young entrepreneurs. 

3. Podcasting

Podcasting. You can also use this medium to reach an audience on a subject you can’t shut up about. 

If you prefer spoken word over text, this could be for you.

Maybe you have that iconic voice or face that people just can’t help but love.

Whatever the case, a bombastic personality can skyrocket this from a small business into something that can provide a seriously comfortable lifestyle.

If you’re interested in a podcast, just like starting a youtube channel, don’t skimp on the recording equipment. An unclear voice is something that can immediately turn people off even if you have the most excellent content.

With a relatively low initial investment into equipment you can be up and running.

4. Tour Guide

Do you live in a tourist hub of an area? Perhaps you even just know your area and its history better than anyone you know. Guiding tourists is a way to provide a valuable service while also providing a service to your bank account.

People love to travel but when they get where they’re going sometimes find themselves lost or overwhelmed by the things there are to see and do.

This couples well with hosting an Airbnb if you’ve got the free time. After all, often when people are renting such a thing, they are on vacation somewhere new.

(Just keep in mind the extra time you may need to keep that space clean!)

So if you’ve got a love of people and a likeable personality, try giving guiding a try!

5. Uber/Lyft.

If you’ve got a relatively new car, a drivers license, and just a few years driving experience under your belt, you can easily supplement your income with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft.

There’s not much more to it than that.

Whether you plan on making a little extra cash on the weekends separate from your main job, or if you plan on delving deeper into it to see how much you can make, this is an extremely versatile and flexible way to make cash.

Got a bill coming up and running a little short on cash? Log on for a while and make some extra cash any time you have some extra time.

6. Renting out your car

Did you know that you can rent out your car? If you aren’t up for driving people around with Uber or Lyft, maybe you could lend out your car to make some passive income!

Yeah, it came as a surprise to me too, but this is a real deal way to earn some side money.

If you’ve got a spare vehicle or don’t use yours very often, there are online businesses that will allow you to rent your vehicle while protecting it with hefty insurance so you can have peace of mind.

7. Online Surveys

Speaking of obscure ways to make a little hair cut money, there’s always online surveys!

While you won’t be breaking any new ground in earnings, a little more cash is always better than a little less right?

business ideas online surveys

For example, if you’re scrolling online, bored before bed or while rewatching Breaking Bad for the tenth time (I have a problem), why not log on to one of the various different online survey sites and earn a little?

These sites often pay by PayPal, where you can either spend from your PayPal card or move directly into your bank account, check, or even Amazon gift cards where you can buy…well, virtually anything. 

8. Car washing

Everybody loves a nice, clean vehicle. Some people enjoy making vehicles that way. If you’re one of these people, try starting a mobile car wash side business. 

You may be thinking, yeah, right. I see car washes every other street. Why would someone want a personal car wash?

While those car washes are handy, they lack the human element. You can detail the vehicle, cleaning it inside and out and leaving it with that personal touch.

Another benefit is that you’re mobile! 

This may come as a surprise, but even when something is incredibly convenient, if you have to go to it, often people never find time to actually accomplish it.

Think about how many people actually pay for gym memberships and never use them. In fact, think of how many people pay to use those car washes we mentioned earlier in a monthly subscription and only manage to use it once, maybe twice a year.

When you bring the service to their front door, the only decision, the only effort at all is deciding whether or not a wash is worth the money.

And that is your part. You make sure that it is.

You can even set people up on a schedule. Wash every week, or every other week, or once a month. 

Got a couple buddies? Now you can expand, providing a service to a wider audience.

9. Tree removal 

Nobody wants to seek to benefit from others misfortune, but when a tree falls in a yard, it isn’t about to get up and walk off itself, however novel that would be to see.

If you have a chainsaw, a trailer, a truck that can haul it, and a pretty sturdy back, you can make significant money removing downed trees from people’s property.

After a big storm, people need to have these big, cumbersome eyesores removed. You’d be providing a much needed service, and it can pay handsomely. The bigger the tree, the better the price you can get.

In fact, if you’ve got a woodcutter (and still have energy left after cutting all that stuff up) you can increase your profits further.

When you pull off from that property, tree in tow, it has to go somewhere! Why not take it back to your house and cut it up into firewood?

This will keep you stocked up plenty on firewood, and allow you to sell it for some extra profit.

A cord of firewood can go for anywhere between 120-180 dollars. And that’s not even during the winter when prices can jump up to 400 dollars.

And they say money doesn’t grow on trees…

Section II – Specialized Business Ideas

Do you have a specialized skill? This is the section designed for those of us who spent years working in construction fields or fixing peoples electronics.

It’s time to dust off those old degrees and get some use out of them! Whether self-taught, classically schooled, or trained on the job, you can do something others can’t. Get paid for it!

1. Music Instructor

Can you slap a bass? Maybe you took piano lessons as a kid (I happen to play a mean didgeridoo). Why don’t you take those music notes and make them into spendable ones?

There are plenty of people who want to learn how to play an instrument. If you can teach, you have an avenue to make money

Build yourself a client base. The more students you can handle, the better. This is a small business that is extremely scalable. 

Consider starting a web page as you grow to drive business your way. Some of the best marketing is in comments from satisfied customers. Who knows, you might build your small business into the next Julliard.

2. Mobile device/ Computer Repair

Got some savvy in electronics? You can make a fair amount of money on the side repairing computers. 

Just take a look around. How many mobile phone and computer repair places do you run across? Let’s not even count the Idoctors and Geek Squads out there.

Unless we hit a new ice age, electronics are not going anywhere anytime soon. As long as they’re around, there will need to be people who can repair them when they stop working.

This can even extend to gaming consoles such as Xbox or Playstation. If you already has a base knowledge in working with electronics, the jump across platforms is pretty easy to bridge.

These high dollar devices can fetch a premium price tag. With no lack of available customers, your biggest challenge in growing this into a comfortably profitable small business will be setting yourself apart from the others out there.

3. Web Design

Web design is a grand-slam business idea. I hesitate to say small business because the reality is if you have the knowledge, time, and patience to design a professional website the only limit for your business is how much volume you can take on.

The demand for a good web page designer is extremely high and is only getting higher as our world becomes more and more digital. 

Small businesses will pay handsomely for a well- designed website and as you build a resume of websites you can charge more for your expertise.

If you already have skill in this area there is no reason to not be making great money online from your home

4. Programing tutor

If you have skill in programming languages like C++ and Python, there are plenty of people that want what you have. 

business ideas programming tutor

As a programming tutor you can pass on your extremely valuable skills to the next generation, or anybody that has a desire to learn.

Sell lessons online. You can even have live lessons via video chat software like Skype. 

The point is this can turn into a very lucrative career or side job depending on what it is you’re looking for. And all from the comfort of your house!

5. Remote language Teacher

Whoever said “Those who can’t do, teach.” Wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

If you’re fluent in more than one language you have a skill that is coveted worldwide.

From translating to teaching a language, there are just way too many opportunities out there to monetize your tongue. 

The more languages you have under your belt, the more valuable you make yourself. So if you’ve always had a knack for picking up languages, do something with that skill.

Software like Rosetta Stone can charge upwards of 200 dollars for a single language, and you know what they lack? A personal teacher.

Namely, you.

6. Tax Preparation

There are few things in this world certain as death and taxes. Might as well cash in on one of them!

Not a lot of people know the ins and outs of taxes, but everybodys gotta pay em at the end of the day. 

This is a perfect opportunity to utilize your specialized skill to make some extra cheddar every year.

The great thing about this side business is that while you generally won’t be making money constantly all year, you are likely to have repeat customers year after year.

(Just make sure you’ve got all the proper licensing and whatnot for your area before you dive into this gig, so you don’t end up paying out all that hard-earned cash as fines for a misstep later! )

7. SAT/ACT Tutor

Did you smash the SAT or ACT? If you have the ability to teach, pass on your knowledge to the next generation.

Every year, thousands of students are looking to ace these tests to get into their college of choice. That means every year there are thousands of opportunities to make money.

Since there will never be a lack of students, there will never be a lack of customers. 

Good tutors can charge in excess of 75-100 dollars an hour to mold young minds. Needless to say, this can pay a bill or two.

8.Accounting and Bookkeeping

The numbers, Mason. What do they mean?! 

If you’ve got skill with numbers, you could find your niche in accounting and bookkeeping.

Cashflow is obviously important to a business, and many people starting small businesses aren’t masters with money. As such, they will often wisely outsource accounting work to those who are.

This field has no shortage of a consumer base. As I’m sure you already know if you’re as good with numbers as I think you are, that means there is plenty of money to be made.

9. Custom Carpentry

If you have a background in carpentry and can create custom pieces of furniture or other things like jewelry boxes or chess sets, you can make considerable side money.

If you already have a collection of tools, you’re in luck! If not, starting up something like this can get expensive; Even if buying used.

Regardless of tools, you’ll need raw material, which can also run quite a pretty penny. 

However, if you can turn those raw materials into pieces of art, the sale value will obviously skyrocket.

You can begin by making simpler, easily replicated designs that you can make fairly quickly and selling them in local shops or flea markets. 

The internet is your friend when dealing with custom pieces. You can customize the look, design, color, even the materials used. People are willing to pay significant money for one of a kind pieces.

10. Fiverr

All your freelancing desires in one neat and tidy spot! Whether you’re a writer or a designer, this is a great place for beginners to start their freelancing journey. 

business ideas find a freelance gig on fiverr

Many of the writing gigs mentioned in this article can be found here, along with other types of freelancing business ideas that can allow you to build a powerful resume.

Never underestimate the power of experience; you can find plenty of it here.

This is a great way to supplement your income while building the following to make a serious living freelancing in your genre.

11. Wedding photographer 

Don’t step into this one lightly. 

If you don’t have a way with a camera, this one isn’t for you.

As a wedding photographer you will be responsible for cataloging, on film, one of the most important days in many people’s lives.

You must capture the right angles, the right lighting, and every other aspect of this very important day.

That being said, people in your field often charge amounts that would make casual photographers blanche. 

To be successful and build an impressive resume, you’ll want a background in photography, professional grade equipment, and the ability to edit the pictures you take to absolute perfection.

12. Interior Designer

Take that eye for visual perfection and use it!

Let’s be perfectly frank: the types of people who are hiring interior designers are generally people who are extremely comfortable monetarily.

If you’ve got a mind and eye for space and how to use it to achieve functional and aesthetic perfection, then there is a high demand for individuals just like you.

Build a network of people and a powerful portfolio. You can even dip your toes into corporate interior design once you’ve become established enough.

If designing glorious hotels, casinos, resorts and the like sounds appealing to you, it’s not out of your reach with diligent work and the right skills.

13. Virtual assistant

Virtually every business, whether it be a small start-up or a giant corporation has administrative tasks that need to be completed to continue to grow and thrive.

Some of the larger companies have in-house answers for these problems, but often smaller ones look outward to fill these positions. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of larger companies that outsource as well, but if you’re looking to build your resume (which you should be) then smaller companies are probably a better place to start.

So if you’re the type that can sit for hours in front of a computer completing tasks like managing emails, scheduling appointments, and data entry, you can begin to build your small business.

Being a virtual assistant is also a great way to network across various fields that you might not ordinarily have access to.

14. App building

Apps are taking over the world. Showing up in numbers in the thousands each month, there is plenty of opportunity to use your coding and app-building skills to burst into this market.

If you have a creative mind and an idea that you’ve been looking to establish, you should consider building your own app!

Aside from that, you can look to design apps for established start-ups. More and more these days, people are scrolling the internet on mobile devices. If your site has its own dedicated app, that’s all the better.

15. Stock photographer

You can’t swing a digital stick around the internet without hitting a stock image. They are used all the time from websites to social media, and somebody’s got to take those pictures.

If you’ve got a professional grade DSLR camera (or even sometimes a newer smartphone with a killer camera!), a love of and skill in photography, and a pretty decent command of photo editing software like photoshop, you can get started and sell your pictures as stock images.

You can sell your images to various stock video websites where you’ll make money every time your images sell, or if you’re really looking to boost this into your own business consider starting your own dedicated website.

16. Real Estate Broker

Real estate these days is blowing up. With it being such a buyers market, people all over the U.S are moving to purchase their little piece of real estate.

In this explosion there are many first time buyers in the market. That being the case, there are also a lot of people that dont know the ins and outs of purchasing real estate.

As a real estate broker, it would be your responsibility to connect buyers and sellers and facilitate the smoothest union possible. 

The process of buying real estate is not particularly easy, but it doesn’t have to be brutal either! So why not make a little money while getting prospective buyers into that suite (ha ha) new condo?

There’s no happy like new home owner happy. With a couple happy customers under your belt, you can begin to build a strong resume attesting to your skill and professionalism. This can lead to bigger deals.

Overloaded with all that success you’ve been having? Consider hiring a few trusted individuals to work under you. Every multi-million dollar corporation started from somewhere!

17. Personal Chef

Can you give Gordan Ramsey or Emeril Lagasse a run for their money? 

If you aren’t already a famous chef, perhaps you could give being a personal chef a try.

Thousands of people these days are looking for a way to eat healthier, homemade foods, but fewer people than ever have the time to actually cook.

A growing market, this space is only expanding as time goes on. 

If you can cater to specific individual eating preferences and provide amazing meals, you can make a living cooking for those that don’t have the time, skill, or desire to do so themselves.

business idea personal chef

Create personalized meal plans and prepare dishes that will amaze your customers! If you impress you can bet that they’ll tell their friends. This is another scalable business that you can take into the stratosphere, even if just by word of mouth.

18. DJ-ing

Alright DJ Jazzy Jeff, check one, check two. If you’ve got an ear for music, and skill in mixing, production and sound design, try giving DJ-ing a shot. 

Obviously this endeavor will require specialized equipment. Mics, speakers, mixing boards, laptops, mixing software and others. This is something best attempted if you have a real love for the art, as it can be fairly expensive for the casual interest.

Unless you’re just independently wealthy. In which case good for you for still wanting to grow! Read on!

Dj at parties, or events. Rock the mic right , and you just may be able to build a sustainable business.

You could even get a van, set up your equipment and a sick system, and turn your service into a rolling party! Just pull up, jam some faces, and roll out. No set up or tear down.

If this is something that gets your blood pumping, then you know DJ-ing might be for you.

Section III – Business Ideas That Require A Startup Investment

Got some extra capital laying around? This section is for you. These next endeavors personify the old adage: It takes money to make money. So if you got a little bread burning a hole in your pocket, consider making a sandwich with these ideas.

1. Invest

Investing may sound like a rich person’s game, but it’s not necessarily true. Saving money is a good practice, but using that money to make money definitely has its allure.

Of course, there is risk involved. Anybody with a “sure-fire” way of making money in the market is lying. Even top earners in the market will tell you that there’s always the chance to lose money. 

To mitigate your chance of losing money, educate yourself. Study the stock market. There are even ‘for beginners’ videos on YouTube that can show you the ins and outs of trading.

2. Invest for others

If you find you’ve got a knack for making money in the stock market, share the wealth while building yourself a little more.

Many people are intimidated by investing, and it’s easy to see why. 

With a plethora of specific terms, laws, and then of course the chance to lose money, the investing world can be terrifying, especially for new investors.

In fact, many new investors would rather drop money off and just wait to be told whether or not they profited.

business idea invest for others

Make it clear to you prospective customers that nothing is ever a guarantee. You don’t need angry customers dragging your name through the mud because the stock market did what the stock market sometimes does.

Consider charging on a commission base, so the more money you make your customer, the more money you make.

If you’re dealing with a seasoned investor that just wants to let someone take over the reins for them, maybe consider charging a monthly rate for your services based on how much you’re actually doing for them.

3. Online Reselling

Classic flipping with a twist! 

How good are you at spotting a deal?

With online giants like Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist, selling is easier today than ever before.

Hit those yard sales and find those gems! The concept is simple, buy items at as low a price as possible, then resell them at as high a price as is reasonable.

Are you handy with a paintbrush? Buying old furniture and giving it a bit of a facelift is a great way to up the resale value.

The great thing about this business is that all it takes is a little capital and a keen eye for value. 

This can be a great way to supplement your income in your spare time, and honestly you can make a pretty penny doing it. To make it a full-time money earner can be a bit more risky as you are at the whim of sales. If that’s your goal I would suggest having a nice little cushion saved up before quitting your day job.

4.  Notary Public

An incredibly useful skill, a notary public can be both a lucrative side hustle and a valuable addition to a resume.

As a notary public it would be your responsibility to certify copies of original documents, making them official. You would also be an official witness to affidavits and statutory declarations.

While a notary does not generally charge a large amount of money to do what they do, there are tens of thousands of documents that need notarization each year.

Another benefit of this useful trade is that, while you are responsible for reporting your fees as regular income, notaries are not subject to self-employment tax.

That’s always a nice benefit.

5. Travel Consultant

Have you been blessed with a well traveled life? Have you always loved traveling and now have a career (maybe one from this list) that allows you the freedom of travel?

Perhaps you can put your experience to work for you as a travel consultant. 

Study the best places to stay in an area, the best prices for lodging and airfare. Use your experience to guide people to the best travel experience they can have!

Being what is essentially a personal travel agent will offer you a nice side income, even potentially growing into a larger business.

Not to mention you can help people experience their best vacations.

Repeat customers can be a huge thing here and word of mouth travels fast. Faster even than your customers.

6. Cryptocurrency

In our day and age cryptocurrency has been getting a lot of hype. 

And there is a good reason for this; There’s a lot of money to be made!

With great reward, however, comes great risk. Just like any trading there is a possibility of losing money, and cryptocurrency is a particularly volatile market.

If you have a comfortable cushion that can absorb some losses, you can make pretty great money on the side through day trading.

If you have knowledge in cloud mining, you can even extend your profits by mining cryptocurrency.

7. Peer to Peer Lending

Let’s continue on the high risk, high profit train.

Peer to peer lending allows businesses (usually small businesses) to obtain loans directly from other individuals and cut out the financial institution as the middleman. 

The risk here comes from the fact that because the institution is replaced by, well…you, there is a high possibility of default.

These loans are in general unsecured. With an unsecured loan, there is no collateral you can collect to recoup your losses if the receiver of the loan defaults.

Being that you aren’t a personal mafia, and it’s not suggested that you go around breaking people’s legs that don’t pay on time, this can present a problem.

Regardless of the risks, people are doing this every day and making money on the interest. The key is to be careful with your lending.

Try diversifying your loans. Instead of lending all your money to one borrower and hoping for the best, lend smaller amounts to a number of borrowers.

Section IV – Business Ideas For Writers

This next section is for all my writers. If you’ve got a way with written language then the sky’s the limit. There are plenty of ways to use your ways with words to make money online. These business ideas can range anywhere from fun side hustles to big money ventures. 

So whether you’ve just got a few extra hours a day or you’re looking to make a full-time living, check out these literary lines of work.

1.  Freelance writing

This one is pretty simple. If you are a voratious writer, write for a living!

Just like many small businesses require a website, they also need content to fill that website. 

Writers get paid all the time to provide quality content on websites, blogs, and many other text-based mediums.

With no prior experience you can’t reasonably ask for top dollar prices, but the digital world is a fast moving one and you can build an impressive resume fairly quickly. 

Like with anything you won’t get rich overnight, but freelancing your work is a great way to be your own boss while making money, and building a client base. 

You can even take the skills and experience from freelancing to those high-profile, nice paying dream gigs.

2. Freelance Editor

Just like writers are being paid to make good content, editors are being paid daily to make good writers great writers.

So if you’re the type of person that’s always corrected your friends’ essays, why not get paid for it?

Editors take the rough stone and hone a piece of writing into the best piece it can be, checking grammar, fact checking, and overall streamlining any awkward sounding sentences.

Editors must be in touch with their consumer base, being able to determine what material will appeal most to readers. A good editor is an invaluable asset. As such, they’re always in demand and one can definitely make a comfortable living doing this.

3. Publishing E-Books

The days of writing a book only to have it turned down by publisher after publisher are swiftly falling behind us, aspiring authors.

While you can still try to become the next Steven King or J.K. Rowling the old fashioned way, it’s becoming increasingly simple and affordable to self publish.

business idea publish e books

With E-books, you bypass the expensive cost of producing physical books and can immediately distribute your material anywhere in the world.

So have you been sitting on a few books that you were afraid to take to a publisher? Maybe you’ve been turned away a few times, or maybe you even have a few ideas that you were waiting on the right time to write? 

Well now is the time to get published and get your work out there your way.

4. Write speeches

Remember the speeches you would hear in highschool? Those stilted and often cringy things that your classmates would spit out? 

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Turns out, otherwise capable and intelligent people often lack the ability to write exciting or engaging speeches. 

There is an art to it.

If you were one of those people who could see your teacher’s eyes light up when you went to deliver your speech, consider doing it for a side business!

Plenty of people are looking for someone to write the speeches they deliver and are willing to pay decent money for it.

5. Ghostwriting 

If you aren’t a hog for the spotlight, ghostwriting could be for you. 

While your name won’t be on your work, it will be on that paycheck. This is another online small business that can grow into a very comfortable lifestyle.

Finding ghostwriting gigs online is a fairly simple task. 

While you might not be making thousands of dollars a week at the beginning, like anything you can expect to make more as you hone your craft and build your portfolio.

In other words: the more you write, the more you make. Well established ghost writers can make a pretty ridiculous income.

You should be aware of and studied in the code of ethics ghostwriters follow before hopping into this game, but a little research is well worth the payoff.

6. College Admissions Essay Tutor and Editor

Every year there are thousands of students looking to get accepted to their college of choice.

Much like tutoring in the ACT/ SAT category, many colleges, and pretty much all Ivy league schools require an essay of some sort to be considered for entry.

With your skills in writing, you can help the next generation get the best education possible.

This is a field that has great potential to make excellent side money as parents of aspiring students want the best for their kids and are willing to pay good money for a valuable skill.

There is a line to be careful not to cross: your job is to edit and constructively guide your charges; not write for them. Save that for freelancing.

Are you motivated yet?

There are literally thousands of side hustles, small businesses, and other ways to make extra money out there. 

Many people have the idea that if you don’t go to a prestigious college or have some degree that you can’t amount to anything. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

While it is definitely a praise worthy and worthwhile course of action for many people and you can always stand to benefit from more knowledge, you are in reality only limited by your own creativity and work ethic.

Make good use of those skills you’ve acquired over the years, or the creativity you were born with to achieve your level of comfort and success.

Whether you’re looking for extra money to take that beach vacation you’ve been dreaming about or trying to build an empire, the opportunity is out there, waiting for you to seize it.

Always remember to do the proper research when jumping into any endeavor, large or small. The last thing you want to do is become discouraged because you’re swamped with barriers that seem insurmountable.

And never underestimate yourself! You’d be amazed with the things you can accomplish when you really set your mind to it.

If you want to be the creator of the next Avatar the Last Airbender, don’t let anyone or anything tell you that you can’t be. Every Amazon started somewhere. Every Stephen King picked up a pen for the first time. Every Million dollar a year blog starts with an idea.

If you have a desire to initiate something mentioned in this article, or even some brand new idea that nobody has ever conceived of before, go after it. Leave it all in the paint.

Always remember: at the very least you have one person that believes in you! Just remember to give me a shout when you buy that first Lamborghini! 

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Hey! I'm Noah Riggs.

Noah is the founder of Busy Living Better and has built a life he loves, despite growing up poor. He shares exactly how he started his six-figure business, became financially stable, and lives his best life so that he can help you do the same. You can read more about how he did all of this before the age of 23!

Noah's Headshot

Hey! I'm Noah Riggs.

Noah is the founder of Busy Living Better and has built a life he loves, despite growing up poor. He shares exactly how he started his six-figure business, became financially stable, and lives his best life so that he can help you do the same. You can read more about how he did all of this before the age of 23!

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