My Story

My Childhood

Life shouldn’t be so dang hard. 

I’m not sure about you, but for me, life always seemed to be extremely difficult.

The house my family lived in when I was born wasn’t the nicest. In fact, it was really quite miserable.

The house my family lived in when I was born.

We dealt with cockroaches and other rodents, had unclean water, a toilet that didn’t function, worn down floors, nasty walls, and really not much of anything nice.

It was being born into a home like this, that helped me realize, life is just hard for a lot of people.

It wasn’t ideal. But we did the best we could with what we had. We honestly just had each other, and that was okay.

There I am, little guy in the left corner, with the oddly big forehead.
Yes, my dad had a mullet. The early 2000’s were a wild time.

We aren’t all born with the same opportunities and the same environments.

I didn’t WANT to be born into a poor family in a tough spot. But that was the hand I was dealt.

So from a young age, I did my best to just make it work.

I did okay in school, got decent grades, and managed to make it through most of grade school without ever being bullied for wearing the same stained clothes often.

I even managed to mostly play off being picked up in my mom’s broken down, overheating van.

It actually didn’t even bother me too much that we were kind of poor anymore, I was used to it at this point.

The Dilemma

Things started to change for me when I hit high school. Suddenly I was surrounded by all of these kids who seemed like their families had all of the money in the world.

They got to go on vacations to crazy places and do things my family never even talked about.

They got $20,000 cars for their first vehicles, and had clothes that cost more than I was allowed to spend in a month.

I was jealous.

I had never really been jealous of others before.

But this time, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

The kids around me actually got to do things I would LOVE to do. I would stalk their profiles on social media and imagine it was me getting to do things they got to do.

I wasn’t just jealous, I was unhappy.

Joining The Workforce

I realized by my junior/senior year that if I was ever going to experience those things I wanted to experience so badly, and make sure my future family got to live a better life than I had, it was time I start taking life more serious.

I had been working already for a few years at a couple odd jobs like fast food and retail, but I decided to take a new job at an ice cream shop.

(I know what you’re thinking… way to step your game up Noah…)

But this place in particular was an amazing opportunity.

Here I am with my boo thing (on the left) and one of my awesome co-workers Victoria (on the right). We always had a great time at work, and had no dress code. Hard to beat that.

I made an amazing first impression on the woman who owned the dessert place. She thought I would fit into the workplace really well and wanted me to come to work there.

So, she offered me a job and said she would match what I was making at my other job AND give me a raise.


It seemed like things were looking up for me.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be enough.

I worked at this place for almost 5 years. I had an awesome time there and it was enough money to put food on the table and allow me to live in a nice apartment with a group of friends.

But, it wouldn’t be enough to propel me to where I wanted to be in life.

The Debt Begins

Unfortunately, I started slipping into debt.

College was wracking up a big bill for me. There was no one to help pay for textbooks, or any of my classes, and on top of that, my old Jeep finally bit the dust and I had to get another car to make it to school and work.

I didn’t have ANY money leftover after bills for school.

This left me with no choice but to turn to credit cards, and student loans and the debt began to pile up.

And it was piling up high…

I was paying off as much of it as I could, with any extra money I could, but every semester I would just pile on more.

After a few years of college and other career experiments (I was an EMT for a short time, and switched majors a couple times). I realized that I was just going to school because I thought it was the right thing for a 20 year old kid to do.

I decided that it was time to put school on pause and stop going into more debt until I could figure my life out.

Self Development and Financial Education

I started to educate myself about more real life things rather than just information from textbooks.

I began learning how to manage the debt I was in, save more money, and even how to invest the right way. Things were moving in the right direction.

But there was one thing I couldn’t figure out.

How to earn more money…

I was earning around $12 an hour and working 40-50 hours a week, just to get by. The scariest part was… this was one of the highest paying jobs in my city that didn’t involve going into the oil field.

I was in a tough position. I suddenly knew exactly WHAT to do with my money, but didn’t have enough money to actually do it.

This led me down the path of trying and failing with multiple side hustles.

I tried:

  • Starting a clothing brand – Epic fail.
  • Starting an outdoor website – Epic fail.
  • Day Trading – I did okay, just hard to stay focused on while working.
  • Donating Plasma – Made me weak and tired, but worked.
  • Too many more to even mention.

While I had some small success with some of these things, it was nothing worth mentioning or even close to making a dent in my debt.

I realized quickly that I was falling behind my peers.

At 21, I had friends getting ready to start their senior years in college, doing internships, and getting ready to start their careers, and I not only had no idea what I was going to do, but had a mountain full of debt to go with it.

I became really bitter, really fast.

Why was life going this way for me..??? 

I was trying so hard, and getting so little in return.

I was helping people with their finances and seeing them flourish with my advice and I didn’t even have enough money to do those things for myself. 

Something had to change, and I knew it.

The Epiphany

One day I was donating plasma as I did twice weekly. I was laying there

My Mission 

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Personal goals 

Noah has been an online entrepreneur for over 2 years now and has

Demri has worked at Tesla for the last 3 years. Before recently leaving his job to pursue this blog full time with Noah.