How to Wake up Motivated Every Morning

How to Wake up Motivated Every Morning

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Get up at 4:30 a.m.???

You’d have a better chance of getting me to take an ice bath in the Arctic during the month of December.

Well, at least that’s how it used to be. Now, I’m part of that early morning club that wakes up energized and ready to go.

Honestly, it can change your life in more ways than you even realize. I wake up with the motivation to get out of bed every single morning, and it is something that I firmly believe ANYONE can do.

Not only that, but I think it’s something everyone SHOULD do.

Do I think you need to wake up at 4:30? Maybe not, but that depends on your goals. But you should wake up energized and ready to attack the day by a decent time at least.

If you’re one of those people that thinks “Noah, you’re crazy. I have no motivation to get up in the morning; I’m always tired.”

Stuff your excuses in a sack. Today I’m going to tell you exactly how to be happy and motivated every day!

I’m gonna help you figure out exactly how to wake up energized and motivated, plus feel more awake in the morning!

1) Keep your Sleeping Space Clean

I list this one first because… I HAD NO CLUE. Like, I used to be the messiest, most unorganized person in the world.


I was a young bachelor, consuming Netflix, eating out every day, throwing my clothes all about the room, never picking things up or making up my bed. I was… a mess, to put it politely.

I had no clue how toxic this was!

You just think “I’m too busy to clean it,” or “it will be too stressful to maintain.”

But I’m TELLING you, heck, PROMISING you, it will change your life if you keep your space clean.

If you’re one of those people that has no motivation when they wake up and just feels groggy when you crawl out of bed, you should REALLY give this a try. It absolutely made a difference for me in finally having some motivation to get out of bed each day.

Some simple things I would suggest are:

  • Just simply tidying up. Sometimes you just need to make sure the clothes are off the floor (stuff that hamper nice and full), the dresser tops and bedside tables are clear of junk (I KNOW your mama taught you what a garbage can was), and the bed is made up nicely (pull the blanket up nice and the rest doesn’t matter).
  • Rearrange your room. I have actually found that rearranging your room before taking on a big change can make you feel very energized, excited, and renewed. It’s sort of like changing environments so that you’re prepared for other changes. Greasing the skids, if you will!
  • Get rid of things that don’t spark joy. I love Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up. She focuses on only keeping things in your life that “spark joy”. I experienced the effect of this the last time I moved, from my old place to my new digs. A roommate and a good friend helped me rid myself of all the clutter in my life. I got rid of anything and everything that didn’t spark joy in my life or didn’t serve a major purpose. If you can look at something and have zero reaction, tell it goodbye and don’t look back.

Doing all of these things allowed me to both wake-up AND go to sleep in my room at ease.

Following this process will help you figure out how to wake up energized and feeling refreshed and prepared for the day.

Don’t underestimate the power of being comfortable and feeling satisfied in your surroundings!

2) Go to bed on time

This is probably the most overused (and patronizing) phrase when it comes to “if you wanna wake up early, do this.”


Simply going to bed on time isn’t enough. This is something you HAVE to commit to.

Because the truth of the matter is, if you want to know the secret to how to get out of bed, it’s this:  you have to GET GOOD SLEEP.

There is a certain amount of sleep that you need to function properly and feel properly rested. Generally speaking we “adults” 18 and older (based on age, not maturity level) need around 7.5-8.5 hours per night.

You can find out how much time you need to sleep by performing a sleep test on yourself. This article from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard outlines the process in an easy manner if you are unaware of how much sleep you need.

But getting enough sleep is actually not where most people fail. I have observed through past experience and by working with others, the biggest failure in being able to get to sleep on time is staying committed to yourself.

You may have a goal to get to sleep at a certain time, but if you let other people keep you up or you just throw that goal out at the first opportunity, then you have an underlying lack of commitment that you need to address.

No amount of sleep in the world is going to fix that, my friend.

You need to figure out:

  • WHY waking up in the morning and being well rested is important to you (what will you be doing the next day that requires you to be at your best?)
  • HOW that will change your life (what can you accomplish and how can you see your dreams come to life?)
  • How to STAY COMMITTED to doing it (you’ll never see the results you want if you’re lacking in solid follow-through).

This means keeping your word to yourself and staying true to the goals you have set. This may mean missing some parties with friends on occasion, or having to say no to a late night movie. This means being an adult and knowing how to wake yourself up, once and for all.

But it truly can make the BIGGEST difference in the productivity level you are experiencing in your life.

Getting out of bed in the morning will be so much easier for you if you stay committed to a solid bedtime routine and create a schedule for yourself that your body can get used to.

A small bonus to going to bed on time is that when you do stay up or go out, it will feel like a treat (or maybe a death sentence, depending on how far past your bedtime it is and how tired you are), and your friends or partner will know that you’re breaking your normal cycle for them. Talk about an “easy” way to make your loved ones feel more special, by taking that time for them!

3) Build your own list of reliable hacks for how to wake up motivated every morning.

Some other ways to wake yourself up in the morning can be done AFTER you crawl out of bed.


For different people, this can mean many different things. Here are some morning motivation ideas that I practice personally, that have made a huge difference in building a “motivated morning” routine.

1) Going to the gym

For myself, this morning ritual means working out right when I wake up. I get out of bed, get ready, and go STRAIGHT to the gym. This allows me to get away from my bedroom or other distractions at home that might risk me wasting the morning.

This is so important – especially as someone who works from home – because you HAVE to get out of the house sometimes and just have something you enjoy away from the comfort of your home.

2) Having a morning drink

Some people also LOVE their morning coffee. I am not a caffeine person myself and have tried coffee in the past. While I really did enjoy it, and there are even some science-backed benefits of drinking it, It just wasn’t for me. I would have a crash in the middle of the day and sometimes it just didn’t sit well with my stomach.

This doesn’t mean that it won’t work for you, and having a nice hot cup of coffee or hot tea right after getting out of bed in the morning might be the extra kick you need to get you butt in gear and start crushing the day, ASAP.

3) Meditate or have “quiet time”

Although I like to just get straight into the gym and sweat my heart out on some weights, some days I like to wake up a few minutes earlier and just relax. I don’t check my phone or turn on the TV, I don’t answer any texts or calls, I just have ME time.

I sit somewhere quiet and comfortable and just try to focus on my breathing. I allow myself to drift away from stress, worry, and just let my brain be empty of anything but positive thoughts. I take that time to envision WHERE I want to see myself in the near future and WHO I want to be when I get there.

This process keeps me in line with my goals, motivated, and makes sure that I stay true to who I want to be and that I am getting closer to achieving my goals and manifesting success in my life.

Final Thoughts On Learning How To Wake Up Motivated

At the end of the day, there are countless ways to get yourself out of bed. Maybe a blaring alarm, or an accountability partner.

But there is a difference to be appreciated in just rolling out of bed miserably versus waking up refreshed and ready to attack the day.

I truly want to see the best results for you in your own life, and I want you to experience what it is like to be able to make the MOST out of the day. Your big ideas and big dreams are way too valuable to not be taking action towards them EVERY DAY.

Don’t let difficulty waking up in the morning be the silly little thing that holds you back.

YOU deserve to be your best self, YOU deserve to be “busy living better” and I want to see that for you.

Until the next one guys, stay happy, stay healthy, and NEVER forget your value.

– Noah

Try out some of these ideas and leave me a comment to let me know how they work for you!

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Hey! I'm Noah Riggs.

Noah is the founder of Busy Living Better and has built a life he loves, despite growing up poor. He shares exactly how he started his six-figure business, became financially stable, and lives his best life so that he can help you do the same. You can read more about how he did all of this before the age of 23!

Noah's Headshot

Hey! I'm Noah Riggs.

Noah is the founder of Busy Living Better and has built a life he loves, despite growing up poor. He shares exactly how he started his six-figure business, became financially stable, and lives his best life so that he can help you do the same. You can read more about how he did all of this before the age of 23!

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