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We all could use a little extra money on the side. You could pay off some debt with it, maybe invest in some real estate, or maybe even use it to save a little vacation fund. You never know what a little extra money can do for your life.


The problem is side money, or earning extra money can be hard. Trust me, I know, I was selling my blood at my local plasma center for an extra $300+ bucks a month at one point. Just to grow my investment accounts comfortably.


The problem with that though is big needles, long waits, and lots of blood isn’t for everyone.


But there is something anyone can do.


*Que Steve Harvey on family feud’s voice… “survey says”… SURVEYS.


(Okay… this reference got a little weird with the survey word repetition, I take responsibility for that)


But, the fact still remains, there IS, in fact, some money to be made by doing surveys. There is one survey platform I prefer in particular and find to be the most rewarding.


Survey Junkie


I wouldn’t typically recommend anyone become a junkie, but… if there is one thing I’d say go for, it’d be doing surveys with Survey Junkie. So, about that extra money I promised. Let’s jump into what it is and how it works.



What is Survey Junkie?


Survey Junkie is a platform that allows customers to take surveys and provide opinions on specific topics. In return these customers using the app receive points they can redeem for cash or gift cards.


So why would a company pay you to give your opinion? I mean people usually are like “I don’t care, that’s YOUR opinion, You offend me, and all that nonsense.”


Well, companies actually partner with Survey Junkie to understand exactly what it is potential customers are looking for by gathering opinions, thoughts, and feelings towards their products.


This is a way for companies to perform mass market research and create products better suited to their consumers through focus groups and surveys. So, in a nutshell, Survey Junkie allows you a platform to share your opinion and views on a topic, and then, in turn, gives you a little sweet moolah in return. Sounds pretty dope right?


So how do you take advantage of this opportunity with survey junkie?


You simply have to pick whichever surveys you feel you would enjoy taking or could provide a meaningful view on, answer some simple questions on your experiences with the said product, then boom. You’ve done it.



Can you really make money with Survey Junkie though?


You’re probably thinking, man, Noah is yanking my chain, there is no way I can give my opinion and MAKE MONEY off of it.


Well, my friend, you’d be a fool to believe I was trying to make a fool out of you, fool. (man, that was… a tough sentence to write.)


Survey Junkie is ABSOLUTELY a way to make a little side money. Now, don’t let your expectations get the best of you. The money you make from survey junkie will not allow you to quit your job by any means.


But, it can allow you to save for gifts, date nights out, drinks at the bar, or even pay off some debt a little faster. You may not be able to quit your day job by taking surveys, but you can definitely snag a couple of extra dollars.


The company also has good ratings, some of the highest in terms of online survey companies.


Survey Junkie has been around for some time, with several positive reviews from customers, and the best part is, it’s even listed with the better business bureau, which guarantees it as a scam free platform.


Survey Junkie is legitimate and DOES allow you to make real money. And the best part, it’s free to join. So if you want to get started with Survey Junkie, check out my walkthrough below.



How to start making money


With Survey Junkie, completing surveys is the best bet when it comes to making a little extra money and jumping right in. (there are other options like focus groups and things like that)


They are easy to do, pretty straight forward and there are many options. To start filling out surveys all you need to do is create your account, log in, and then see what surveys are available at the time.


Each survey available will have an approximate amount of time it should take to complete the survey and it will also list how many points the survey is worth.


When you click the survey it will first take you to the screening questions. The questions usually consist of demographic type of information.They can include things like age, income, etc. They ask these questions to see if you fit consumer profile.


If you are chosen as a good fit for the survey they will allow you to finish and earn the points for completing the survey.


If they decide you are not a good fit, you actually still earn some points for trying. (This is what makes survey Junkie so awesome. You’re basically getting a participation ribbon… that is worth some money)


Another fun part of the surveys with Survey Junkie is that they all can vary in topic allowing you to take different types of surveys and answer different questions. Survey Junkie awards points on a time spent basis, what this means is that every point is one cent. Therefore 1,000 points equal ten dollars.


Surveys can differ in how much they pay and sometimes you can snag some pretty high paying ones. I have even taken a survey that offered $50 dollars.


The best part was I actually enjoyed the survey, it was a fun one.


It is important to keep in mind that not all of them will be fun, but, making money isn’t always fun… so it’s a tradeoff worth making. Besides the money earned, there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing your opinion is being heard and utilized.



Getting Paid


So, you have signed up for Survey Junkie and you have completed some surveys to earn points.


When do you get your money though?


Survey Junkie requires you accumulate a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) before withdrawing your earned funds. You earn points for every attempted and completed survey, so once you get started, it won’t take long to reach the $10 minimum.


You can receive your payment via PayPal, or they also can pay using gift cards to known retailers like Amazon. (We all know you can buy anything on Amazon)


It is important to keep in mind, a common grievance I have seen is that people worry about why it takes so long for the first payment to go through. Know this is common and that the service is typically much faster after the first payment.


Once you start making your extra money, make sure you are using it the RIGHT way, and it will grow even faster. 


So why use Survey Junkie?


1) It’s easy to do.


The number one thing I look for when it comes to earning some extra cash on the side is that the job is easy to do. Survey Junkie can be done from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


It can be done while in route to work, on break, as you lay on the couch waiting for your food to be ready in the oven. Whenever you have some downtime, Survey Junkie can be a convenient way to make some extra cash and the questions are typically easy and take little time to get through.


2) The Site offers “participation money”.


One of my favorite features of Survey Junkie is that you receive points of each survey you attempt to take. You may find you aren’t eligible to take every single survey you attempt, but it is definitely comforting to know that your time isn’t wasted in trying.


3) The payment options are convenient.


One thing I can’t stand about a side hustle is when you have to wait what feels like 10,000 days to receive a check. With Survey Junkie this isn’t a concern because the payments come via e-gift cards and/or via PayPal.


I’m the type of guy who likes to get my money quickly, I’m pretty patient, but when it comes to my money, we are talking a whole other story.



Survey Junkie does have some disadvantages


With every side hustle, there will always be some downsides, and it isn’t all sunshine and roses when it comes to earning money through Survey Junkie.


These are a couple of grievances I have found using the site. While I still recommend using the site to earn some extra money, it is only fair I offer up what I don’t love as well. It is important you consider these as well when thinking about joining.


There have been times I have tried to complete a survey on my iPhone and I was experiencing some trouble. After doing some research I did find it is recommended you use a laptop or computer to complete surveys.


I have still completed many surveys on my mobile device and it still an option, it is just best to use a laptop or desktop computer whenever the option is available to you.


Not all surveys are available at all times, and they can fill up before you get a chance to jump in. It can be a bit of a kill-joy but stay consistent and you’ll find good surveys.



Who is Survey Junkie the ideal side hustle for?


Anyone can expect to make some extra money filling out surveys on survey junkie. Some that can expect to make more money though are those who have freedom times throughout the day.


For example, a college student who has breaks in between classes, a worker who has a long work commute, or anyone who has general free time throughout their day.


Survey Junkie will definitely be more fulfilling if you enjoy giving your opinion, and it is ideal for people who want to earn a little cash for minimal effort.



My Final Thoughts


The truth of the matter is not everyone is going to find Survey Junkie ideal for making side money. But, for those with realistic expectations and those willing to spend some free time answering questions, it is absolutely a legitimate way of making money.


I believe it is a solid side hustle that can really bring in an extra 100 bucks a month or so. As long as you taper your expectations to meet the reality of earning using survey apps like Survey Junkie, you will be satisfied.


For an app that requires little to no work, and can be done while taking a morning poop or lounging on the couch watching TV, I think it’s a pretty darn nice side gig.


If you wanna try out Survey Junkie you can click here to sign up


Until the next one,

Noah Riggs


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