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How to Create Multiple Sources of Income

How to Create Multiple Sources of Income

I’m sure you have heard the seemingly ageless saying “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

We pretty much all have.

Which is actually quite odd to me, because I have gathered actual eggs on a farm before and I put all of the eggs in one basket… I mean why would I carry multiple baskets?

That seems sort of silly if you ask me.

But regardless of this, what people really mean when they say “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket” is that it isn’t a good idea to let everything ride on one thing.

And honestly, I agree.

This applies to many many things in life, and your income should be no different. For the longest time I just had one income, my day job.

This meant if I got sick, or if I hurt myself doing something crazy (which is pretty likely if we are being honest), then I wouldn’t get the same paycheck I normally get from missing work.

This is what made me realize that I needed to begin building multiple sources of income.

So that in the case something happened and I were injured or laid off, or the building I worked in burned down… (not that I want to burn it down or anything…) I would still have a good chunk of money rolling in every month.

So after following my budgeting method I began using a couple of years ago, I saved up enough money to pay of all my debt and had some extra cash saved up.

This is when I began the process of incorporating multiple streams of cash flow into my total income. And… since I really like all of my readers so much… (like seriously, words can’t explain how grateful I am that you guys read my articles every week.)

I’m going to share exactly how you can do the same!

Why is it so important to build multiple streams of income?

It is commonly said that the average millionaire has SEVEN sources of income.

This means that the average millionaire has money coming in frequently from multiple sources.

This is such a big deal because it protects you and your family financially, and it allows you to build a sense of financial security that you won’t find from just having ONE job. 

So how can you do the same? What income streams could you begin to incorporate?

Honestly, in 2020 the possibilities are more endless than they have ever been. You can make income doing so many things, some you may not even know exist.

So I have compiled a list of 7 possible ways you can make extra income and help to diversify your money, and have multiple streams of income.

1) Get a second job.

Of course this one is typically the first go to for people.This one is honestly the least ideal, because typically most second jobs still require you to trade your hours for money, when ideally you should be saving more time and making more money.

If you work a day job already, picking up a night job or a job that has available shifts on your days off can really be draining. It can really destroy your work life balance and keep you from enjoying the things you’d like to. Regardless, it is still an option. 

2) Start a blog. 

This one is still the most surprising to me, until I began looking at income reports of other bloggers, I didn’t realize how much a blog could truly make.

It may take some serious work, but blogging is really rewarding, and if done the right way can begin bringing in income almost immediately. My blog started bringing in income it’s second month. And if you really put the effort into it, you can grow a blog relatively fast when compared to a traditional business, and with little upfront cost. 

You can start a website with Bluehost for as little as 3.95 a month! This is the exact company I use for my blog and I couldn’t recommend them enough. 

3) Start a YouTube channel. 

This one is becoming increasingly popular in the last couple years, and is something that is really big in my generation.

Youtubers are like these new emerging celebrities that have developed a cult following that allows them to bring in ad revenue or provide a platform for them to sell their products.

Youtube is a tough platform to gain traction on, but when you do, it can be extremely rewarding!

4) Invest in real estate.

This one is such a popular way to build wealth.

Many people like the idea of investing in real estate as they physically own a property and they can potentially increase the amount of revenue it brings in every month by renovating and improving their property.

You can also invest in REIT’s and eREIT’s through the stock market or crowdfunding sites to eliminate the work involved in owning a property by yourself.

5) Invest in the stock market.

While this one is a touchy subject for some as the stock market has had some serious downturns in the past and lost a lot of people money. It never fails to rebound, it even continues climbing and growing even after suffering huge losses.

The stock market is a particularly passive income and it is one of my favorite ways of increasing my income every year. Many stocks and ETF’s pay dividends and this can potentially offer you monthly, quarterly, or even yearly payments without having to sell any of your assets. 

I use Robinhood and Acorns to purchase stocks, Acorns allows you to get started with as little as $5, while Robinhood gives you a free stock worth up to $150 when you sign ups using my link!

6) Create an online course. 

While a lot of people tend to offer this alongside a blog they have created, it is actually a completely separate revenue stream.


Courses can be created and sold with or without a blog, and they can potentially grow your income passively for years to come. I have seen someone publish a course, and after four years, it still pulls in over $1,000,000 in revenue each year.

And all they have to do is update the content regularly. Not a bad gig if you ask me. Do you have something you are good at that others may want to learn? Maybe you should try your hand at building a course around that.

7) Offer freelancing services.

This can come in many forms, but most often is found in the form of a VA. Otherwise known as a virtual assistant.

This is someone that offers a service to a company in the form of completing tasks they need done such as checking emails, handling customer service, or even moderating Facebook groups or even running their Pinterest. This can be rewarding work, and often carries a pretty nice premium.

I began my journey as a VA at $25 an hour and this is considered pretty standard for the industry. 

So, how did I build multiple sources of income?

There are many many ways of creating multiple income streams, even outside of these ways I listed here and there are more and more opportunities created everyday. 

There is no reason why you cannot begin diversifying and increasing your income today. 

I took my income from one stream to 5 in a matter of two years and it has been the best decision I have ever made. 

Well, honestly, there isn’t much to it… I just worked my butt off… and by working hard I was able to establish these different sources of income every month.

1) My day job 

The good old fashioned day job, this makes up 30% of my entire income and it is the same every month, and with the position I have there is little to no room to grow. So I’m pretty much maxed out there.

2) My blog 

I bet you didn’t know this nice little blog your reading now makes some cold hard cash every month, but it does. It makes up about 20% of my income. It makes a nice consistent income every single month (since my second month of starting it),and it continues to grow by almost 30% every month! It should be my highest source of income by the end of the year! Which is insane, I never would have guessed that in a million years.

3) My Stock investments 

I receive around 2% of my yearly income every year in the form of dividends, paid out throughout the year.

It may not seem like much but this amount continues to grow every year and as I reinvest my income into more stocks it continues to grow my dividend income. The best part about this income is it is COMPLETELY passive. I make it while I’m sleeping.

4) My real estate investments 

While I don’t currently own any real estate in its entirety, I do have money invested via crowdfunding, and this pays out dividends monthly.

Making up about 1% of my income every year, this number also continues to grow but slower then any of my other revenue streams as it takes longer to accumulate higher amounts of real estate. This income is also passive just like my stocks.

5) Freelancing 

My final source of income is freelancing. Making up about 42% of my income, freelancing has been extremely rewarding work, financially and emotionally.

Being a part of a team that works for a $1,000,000+ a year company is not only challenging, but it teaches me SO MUCH every day. It has helped me to grow my own business and I’m so grateful I began my freelancing journey this year.

I have worked very hard to diversify my income but, I still have a long way to go.

As I continue growing my income from my non passive sources, I will continue to invest the money needed to grow my passive income sources. This allows me to have a better work life balance and eliminates the need to continue putting in long hours everyday.

I encourage you to take the time to brainstorm and think of how YOU could diversify your income with the next six months and increase your financial security for not only yourself, but your current and future family.

Are there some other forms of income you use? Or some ideas you have? Leave me a comment and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

To all my readers, stay busy living better, and continue making the best financial decisions. You’ll thank me later.

Until the next one, 


9 Financial Milestones to Complete Before 30

9 Financial Milestones to Complete Before 30

We all reach a point in our lives were we say “what the heck have I been doing with my life?”

The truth is, everyone goes through these crisis. It’s in our nature to wonder, could I have handled some things better? Could I have achieved more of my financial goals? Or more of my personal goals?

These thoughts are why I have comprised this list of things you can accomplish, no matter what age you are. Milestone that when completed you can see immediate results from that will impact your life.

Whether they cut down on stress, make you more financially stable, or just give you a little peace of mind. Completing these things should be on every person’s goal list.

1) Start saving up an emergency fund

I cannot tell you enough how important it is to begin saving for an emergency fund. When I initially moved out at 18 I spent every dollar I earned on silly things. I figured, I will make more money someday, and THEN I’ll start saving.

This is the worst mindset to have. Because the truth of the matter is, if you overspend on a low income, you most likely will continue to overspend on a high income.

That is why it’s best to begin to reverse this mindset wherever you are in your life RIGHT NOW.

The best way to do this is to increase the amount you are saving. I like to use the popular phrase “pay yourself first.” This idea means that every time you receive a chunk of money, you first put a portion of the money away, to save, or invest.

This is a great way to jumpstart your savings. To accompany this method I also use my trusty Digit app.

I love the digit app because once you connect your bank account, the Digit app analyzes how you spend money and then automatically transfers money you don’t need to your savings. And the best part is you never even know it’s gone!

Digit is my personal favorite way of saving money, because it allows you to set specific goals, and timeframes you want to save for. It also has a guarantee that it WILL NEVER overdraft your account. The savings automatically pause when your balance becomes low, and you can change this minimum balance setting whenever you would like.

I have grown my savings by almost 200% just this year using Digit. They also offer a 1% cashback bonus every so often as well! You can’t beat that.

You can also receive a free $5 from Digit whenever you sign up by clicking here.

2) Establish your credit

It is so important if you’re young or still in college that you begin establishing your credit. This doesn’t mean go open 20 credit cards and max them out. I mean establish your credit the RIGHT way, and get an awesome credit score.

Good credit is something everyone wants, but not everyone thinks they can get. The truth is, that if you handle your credit the right way, you can easily obtain a 750+ credit score within a year or two!

And if you have ruined your credit, then getting your finances together, making sure you are paying your debts down, and saving money will ensure your credit improves over time.

You need to check your credit score and be sure that there aren’t any errors or major issues that need to be taken care of. There are many websites out there that allow you to do this for free without any effect on your credit like NerdWallet, Credit Sesame, and Credit Karma.

It is also important to monitor your credit score to make sure you don’t fall victim to identity theft or any unauthorized credit usage.

Knowing your credit score gives you a better idea on where you need to start when it comes to repairing your credit and how you can raise your score.

And if you haven’t started establishing your credit then you can check out my article on getting started today with no credit history or experience.

And if you Do have credit but it could use some tender love and care, check out Mike’s awesome credit repair guide over at Credit Takeoff.

3) Start investing

No matter how broke you think you are or how clueless you are as an investor. With today’s resources there is absolutely NO reason why you should not be investing.

You should first begin saving for retirement and attempting to max out your retirement accounts every year to maximize the amount of tax benefit you’re getting. My personal favorite app for retirement investing is M1 Finance.

M1 Finance offers retirement accounts, and normal taxable accounts that you can easily fund through your standard bank account. I have mine set so that I automatically transfer $100 bucks every Monday to my account. The user interface and investing options are excellent and they provide an awesome investing experience.

They’re also offering anyone who signs up by clicking here their first $10 invested free.

If you work at a place that offers 401k contributions then you should also be sure that you are taking advantage of all employer incentives offered to you. These incentives can help to add enormous amounts of value to your investment account, so be sure you aren’t missing out on free money.

Another way that you can start investing even with a low income, is my favorite investing app for beginners. Acorns.

Acorns is an excellent investment app to get you started and allows you to submerge yourself into the crazy world of investing with only a small amount of capital.

You can invest in a well-diversified actively managed portfolio for as little as $5 at a time. Acorns is also free for college students for four years after sign up date. And only one dollar a month after that.

Acorns allows you to easily maximize the amount you’re investing by offering their round up and found money features.

Round-ups —

By far my favorite Acorns Investing feature, once your credit or debit card is linked to Acorns, the app will pull your daily transactions and every time you make a transaction it will automatically round the transaction up to the nearest dollar and invest it into your account.

For example, if you were to spend $1.82 on coffee, your round ups would kick in and bring that up to $2.00 and invest that $0.18 into your account. Once the total of roundups reaches $5 it will be allocated according to your investment portfolio preferences.  You can also specify which transactions you would like Acorns to pull from and even apply a multiplier of 2,3, or 10x if you want to grow your account faster. I keep mine on 2x.

The best part is you never even notice the money coming out.

Found Money —

Another awesome feature that Acorns offers that allows you to grow your investment account. Found Money is a portal on Acorns Investing App that you can click on to do your shopping. They have partnered with over 200+ companies and include big names like Apple, Nike, and Hulu to offer your cash back whenever you shop with these brands.

Using these features with acorns you can effectively grow your investment account even with a low income. And you can even get your first $5 dollars for free if you sign up using my unique link.

Sign up for Acorns by clicking here and receive $5 dollars.

You can also check out my full Acorns review by clicking here if you wanna learn more. 

4) Stop getting in debt and start paying off debt.

If you are struggling to obtain your financial freedom then it may have to do with your spending habits.

If you are having trouble with spending money and getting deeper in debt then you may need to consider cutting yourself off from credit. This means locking your credit cards in a home safe until you become more responsible with them, or even shredding them so you can’t use them any longer.

Getting in debt can be addicting and if you are constantly in need of the newest things credit can buy, then you may need to reevaluate your spending habits and consider trying to fix this by practicing contentment for what you DO have.

Trust me, I know better than most how difficult this can be, I grew up extremely poor. So whenever I got credit for the first time I wanted to buy all the fancy things I never had as a kid.

This was all fine and dandy until I had over $10,000 dollars In debt on a $20,000 dollar income. My life was a nightmare of financial stress for the year I spent trying to pay this off.

If it wasn’t for my handy digit app I talked about earlier, I probably never would have paid it off in time. They even recently launched a new feature on the app that allows you to use the app to automatically put the extra money you save to your credit cards.

Yes! Digit will automatically save AND pay off your credit cards FOR YOU. If that’s not badass, I don’t know what is. I wish they would have had this feature when I used it to pay off my debt years ago.

The truth is, you will feel so free whenever you resist the urge to get into more debt and start paying off the debt you have. It is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. Being debt free is a dream come true.

If you need help with your budget and paying off debt, check out this article where I help walk you through budgeting and saving money to pay off your debt.

5) Get your health in check and make sure you’re covered

If you have no medical insurance coverage and no life insurance then you are truly living life on the edge my friend. While I respect those that live life adventurously and wild.

I don’t believe in leaving your family financially responsible for you and your expenses if you were to tragically pass away or have a medical emergency.

I was one of those “I don’t need health insurance, I never get hurt, I never get sick” kind of people for the longest time. Until I got majorly sick and ended up in the hospital for an entire week two years ago.

This changed my perspective, and I ensured that I was covered by health insurance from then on. It may seem like something you don’t need but the truth is, you will wish you had it when you do need it.

Another thing to consider is getting life insurance, or accidental death coverage AT LEAST. There are so many options out there and you can find plans for as low as $20 dollars a month that will cover your funeral expenses in case of accidental death.

YOU DO NOT want to leave your family to handle these burdens if something were to happen to you, and you DO NOT want to have medical emergency that you cannot afford.

So get coverage, you will have so much more peace of mind knowing that you have it. Your family will too.

This also means that you are taking care of your mind and body as best as you possibly can. I began really caring about my health two years ago when I met my girlfriend. (dating a woman way out of your league can really do this to you).

I decided I was tired of being overweight and tired of being so unhealthy. Using HealthyWage I was able to lose 55+ lbs AND make over 1,800 dollars while doing it. I used this money to fund my upcoming vacation that I am so excited for.

HealthyWage is an app that allows you to make a wager for how much weight you can lose in a given amount of time. The app will calculate your weight loss amount and your monthly bet and come up with a final amount they are willing to bet you to lose the weight.

It’s extremely simple, you lose the weight, you win the money. You don’t, you lose your money. Just like any other bet you’d take. There is a risk, if you don’t commit and lose the weight, you won’t make any money.

But, in the case you do make the commitment, it can be extremely rewarding. I was able to make 1,800 dollars in just 6 months using HealthyWage. And the best part is that I was doing something  I already wanted to do! Get healthier.

I am still so glad I used HealthyWage and winning that money was exactly the motivation I needed to lose over 55 lbs.

If you are interested in seeing how much money you can make by losing weight click here.

6) (Optional) Create your own business

Nowadays creating your own business is easier than it has ever been before. There are thousands of people creating their own websites and own businesses today.

The best advice I can give is find what you’re good at, then find out how to make money doing that. Whether you make money by teaching it to others, or completing the service for others. There is always someone willing to pay for something someone else is better at then them. TRUST ME.

You can easily create and launch your own bog just like this one and start your own business within a month just like I did. You can write about any topic you enjoy that interests you, and there are tons of ways to make money as a blogger or with your own website.

You can sign up for Bluehost and start your own WordPress website with your own hosting, a domain name, and a free SSL certificate, (google wants your website to be secure with an SSL certificate), for as little as $3.95 using my link to sign up.

Starting my blog has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I love knowing I created something and it’s become a full-fledged business.

You can sign up for Bluehost by clicking here.

You can also learn more about starting your own blog from the same people I did, Alex and Lauren over at Create and Go. 

7) Make the most out of your money

No matter how rich you are, it always feels good to save a little extra money. (Well, Jeff Bezos might not care, but I know I sure do, and you probably do too.)

There are tons of ways to get the most out of your dollars, and it’s easier to do now than it has ever been. (That means not having to carry a huge binder full of coupons now).

The digital age has made it so much easier to make a little extra cash with no effort. My favorites are using my Discover it Card to get up to 5% cashback, and using Ebates to get extra cashback when I shop.

The best part of shopping with Ebates is shoppers without cashback credit cards have an opportunity to make cashback as well! And that cashback can add up to real extra cash. (I have made up to an extra 100 bucks just by using the app when I shop for things I was already gonna buy.)

Ebates is a great app that EVERYONE can use to make a little extra money back when shopping. If you aren’t using an app like this you are leaving money on the table. And like I always say, “No money left behind.”

If you wanna sign up for Ebates to start earning cash back today, you can use my link to sign up and receive a free $10 sign up bonus.

You can also use apps like Ibotta to save money on everyday purchases in store instead of just online like with Ebates. While ebates is an online shopping portal, Ibotta allows you to save on typical grocery store purchases like eggs, milk, bananas and etc.

8) Keep track of your finances.

Once you have your financial health back on the right track it is important you STAY THERE.

This means keeping track of your finances and watching your finances improve and grow. My favorite way of doing this is by using personal capital. This app allows you to get a full picture of how you are doing financially.

The app keeps track of all of your debts, assets, liablities, and calculates your net worth over time. And my personal favorite feature is that it tracks your investment performance over time vs. other investment index’s like the S&P 500.

By keeping track of your finances and watching your net worth grow over time it encourages you to keep up the good work and continue to grow financially.

I love using Personal Capital and love the peace of mind it gives me in helping me understand my full financial health and keep track of everything in one single place.

Final thoughts:

At the end of the day, it’s okay if you haven’t completed all the things on this list. And you don’t necessarily have to, to have a happy healthy life.

But completing these things can surely lead to more peace of mind and better financial comfort. I know that over time completing these steps has helped me to grow confident, and made my life feel more secure.

I genuinely hope that every single one of you reading this finds the path to financial comfort and knows the feeling of not having to stress day in and day out about money. My goal in creating this blog is to make even the smallest difference in the life of my readers and I hope whoever you are reading this, one of these steps have helped you to feel that comfort.

Oh, and I can’t believe I almost forgot,

9) Sign up for the Busy Living Better email list

At the bottom of every blog post, this one included, you can find an email opt in that allows you to subscribe to the busy living better newsletter.

I send out weekly emails that help you to find financial freedom, learn to save money, make extra money, improve your credit score, and invest in all types of markets.

If you want to make sure to never miss a post and learn more about Finance every week, then go ahead and sign up. I’d love for you to join and you can even email me back every week and send me messages to just chit chat.

Now, get your butt into gear and start living better.

Until the next one,

Noah Riggs

Survey Junkie Review 2020 | Can You Make Money From It?

Survey Junkie Review 2020 | Can You Make Money From It?

We all could use a little extra money on the side. You could pay off some debt with it, maybe invest in some real estate, or maybe even use it to save a little vacation fund. You never know what a little extra money can do for your life.

The problem is side money, or earning extra money can be hard. Trust me, I know, I was selling my blood at my local plasma center for an extra $300+ bucks a month at one point. Just to grow my investment accounts comfortably.

The problem with that though is big needles, long waits, and lots of blood isn’t for everyone.

But there is something anyone can do.

*Que Steve Harvey on family feud’s voice… “survey says”… SURVEYS.

(Okay… this reference got a little weird with the survey word repetition, I take responsibility for that)

But, the fact still remains, there IS, in fact, some money to be made by doing surveys. There is one survey platform I prefer in particular and find to be the most rewarding.

I wouldn’t typically recommend anyone become a junkie, but… if there is one thing I’d say go for, it’d be doing surveys with Survey Junkie. So, about that extra money I promised. Let’s jump into what it is and how it works.

What Is Survey Junkie?

woman using computer to take surveys via survey junkie

Survey Junkie is a platform that allows customers to take surveys and provide opinions on specific topics. In return these customers using the app receive points they can redeem for cash or gift cards.

So why would a company pay you to give your opinion? I mean people usually are like “I don’t care, that’s YOUR opinion, You offend me, and all that nonsense.”

Well, companies actually partner with Survey Junkie to understand exactly what it is potential customers are looking for by gathering opinions, thoughts, and feelings towards their products.

This is a way for companies to perform mass market research and create products better suited to their consumers through focus groups and surveys. So, in a nutshell, Survey Junkie allows you a platform to share your opinion and views on a topic, and then, in turn, gives you a little sweet moolah in return. Sounds pretty dope right?

So how do you take advantage of this opportunity with survey junkie?

You simply have to pick whichever surveys you feel you would enjoy taking or could provide a meaningful view on, answer some simple questions on your experiences with the said product, then boom. You’ve done it.

Can You Really Make Money With Survey Junkie?

You’re probably thinking, man, Noah is yanking my chain, there is no way I can give my opinion and MAKE MONEY off of it.

Well, my friend, you’d be a fool to believe I was trying to make a fool out of you, fool. (man, that was… a tough sentence to write.)

Survey Junkie is ABSOLUTELY a way to make a little side money. Now, don’t let your expectations get the best of you. The money you make from Survey Junkie will not allow you to quit your job by any means.

But, it can allow you to save for gifts, date nights out, drinks at the bar, or even pay off some debt a little faster. You may not be able to quit your day job by taking surveys, but you can definitely snag a couple of extra dollars.

The company also has good ratings, some of the highest in terms of online survey companies.

Survey Junkie has been around for some time, with several positive reviews from customers, and the best part is, it’s even listed with the better business bureau, which guarantees it as a scam free platform.

Survey Junkie is legitimate and DOES allow you to make real money. And the best part, it’s free to join. So if you want to get started with Survey Junkie, check out my walkthrough below.

How To Start Making Money

With Survey Junkie, completing surveys is the best bet when it comes to making a little extra money and jumping right in. (there are other options like focus groups and things like that)

They are easy to do, pretty straight forward and there are many options. To start filling out surveys all you need to do is create your account, log in, and then see what surveys are available at the time.

Each survey available will have an approximate amount of time it should take to complete the survey and it will also list how many points the survey is worth.

When you click the survey it will first take you to the screening questions. The questions usually consist of demographic type of information.They can include things like age, income, etc. They ask these questions to see if you fit consumer profile.

If you are chosen as a good fit for the survey they will allow you to finish and earn the points for completing the survey.

If they decide you are not a good fit, you actually still earn some points for trying. (This is what makes survey Junkie so awesome. You’re basically getting a participation ribbon… that is worth some money)

Another fun part of the surveys with Survey Junkie is that they all can vary in topic allowing you to take different types of surveys and answer different questions. Survey Junkie awards points on a time spent basis, what this means is that every point is one cent. Therefore 1,000 points equal ten dollars.

Surveys can differ in how much they pay and sometimes you can snag some pretty high paying ones. I have even taken a survey that offered $50 dollars.

The best part was I actually enjoyed the survey, it was a fun one.

It is important to keep in mind that not all of them will be fun, but, making money isn’t always fun… so it’s a tradeoff worth making. Besides the money earned, there is a sense of satisfaction in knowing your opinion is being heard and utilized.

Getting Paid

So, you have signed up for Survey Junkie and you have completed some surveys to earn points.

When do you get your money though?

Survey Junkie requires you accumulate a minimum of 1,000 points ($10) before withdrawing your earned funds. 

You earn points for every attempted and completed survey, so once you get started, it won’t take long to reach the $10 minimum.

You can receive your payment via PayPal, or they also can pay using gift cards to known retailers like Amazon. (We all know you can buy anything on Amazon)

It is important to keep in mind, a common grievance I have seen is that people worry about why it takes so long for the first payment to go through. Know this is common and that the service is typically much faster after the first payment.

Once you start making your extra money, make sure you are using it the RIGHT way, and it will grow even faster. 

Why Use Survey Junkie?

1) It’s easy to do.

The number one thing I look for when it comes to earning some extra cash on the side is that the job is easy to do. Survey Junkie can be done from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

It can be done while in route to work, on break, as you lay on the couch waiting for your food to be ready in the oven. Whenever you have some downtime, Survey Junkie can be a convenient way to make some extra cash and the questions are typically easy and take little time to get through.

2) The Site offers “participation money”.

One of my favorite features of Survey Junkie is that you receive points of each survey you attempt to take. You may find you aren’t eligible to take every single survey you attempt, but it is definitely comforting to know that your time isn’t wasted in trying.

3) The payment options are convenient.

One thing I can’t stand about a side hustle is when you have to wait what feels like 10,000 days to receive a check. With Survey Junkie this isn’t a concern because the payments come via e-gift cards and/or via PayPal.

I’m the type of guy who likes to get my money quickly, I’m pretty patient, but when it comes to my money, we are talking a whole other story.

Survey Junkie Does Have Some Disadvantages

With every side hustle, there will always be some downsides, and it isn’t all sunshine and roses when it comes to earning money through Survey Junkie.

These are a couple of grievances I have found using the site. While I still recommend using the site to earn some extra money, it is only fair I offer up what I don’t love as well. It is important you consider these as well when thinking about joining.

There have been times I have tried to complete a survey on my iPhone and I was experiencing some trouble. After doing some research I did find it is recommended you use a laptop or computer to complete surveys.

I have still completed many surveys on my mobile device and it still an option, it is just best to use a laptop or desktop computer whenever the option is available to you.

Not all surveys are available at all times, and they can fill up before you get a chance to jump in. It can be a bit of a kill-joy but stay consistent and you’ll find good surveys.

Who Is Survey Junkie The Ideal Side Hustle For?

Anyone can expect to make some extra money filling out surveys on survey junkie. Some that can expect to make more money though are those who have freedom times throughout the day.

For example, a college student who has breaks in between classes, a worker who has a long work commute, or anyone who has general free time throughout their day.

Survey Junkie will definitely be more fulfilling if you enjoy giving your opinion, and it is ideal for people who want to earn a little cash for minimal effort.

woman relaxing on couch with feet up drinking from a mug about to use survey junkie

Final Thoughts On Survey Junkie

The truth of the matter is not everyone is going to find Survey Junkie ideal for making side money. But, for those with realistic expectations and those willing to spend some free time answering questions, it is absolutely a legitimate way of making money.

I believe it is a solid side hustle that can really bring in an extra 100 bucks a month or so. As long as you taper your expectations to meet the reality of earning using survey apps like Survey Junkie, you will be satisfied.

For an app that requires little to no work, and can be done while taking a morning poop or lounging on the couch watching TV, I think it’s a pretty darn nice side gig.

If you wanna try out Survey Junkie you can click here to sign up

Until the next one,

Noah Riggs